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Pay Per Click

Campaign Development - Pay Per Click

Our PPC professionals will develop and implement your PPC campaigns from start to finish. We generally begin with Google AdWords while in the testing phase. Once we have a working model, it is transitioned to Yahoo and Microsoft for additional traffic.

During the campaign development, we will perform the following:

  • Goals: We will help you identify and meet your goals. These can include increase online sales, lead generation or build brand awareness.
  • Keyword Development & Analysis: We will develop a comprehensive and strategic keyword lists. We use specialized methodology to create thousands of keyword combinations for your business.
  • Create Ad Copy: Our specialist will create multiple versions of ad copy for your campaigns and test each one for optimal performance.
  • ROI: We will assist you in determining what key metrics to measure, as well as putting in place the proper systems to capture the necessary data.

Campaign Management - PPC

A PPC professional will be assigned to your account and will be responsible for monitoring and managing your campaigns. This professional will work  closely with you to ensure that your expectations are met and that your campaigns are running smoothly. The following task will be performed:

ROI: All of the traffic in the world isn't worth anything if it does not provide value. That is why we always closely monitor your ROI to ensure you are getting the return you expect.

Keyword Analysis: After your campaign runs for sufficient amount of time, our professionals will perform a comprehensive analysis. The professional will identify new keywords opportunities, additional negative keyword, and identify underperforming keywords.

Ad Copy Testing: Writing ad copy is not a "set it and forget it" task. We are continually testing different ad copy so that your campaigns are always fresh and well optimized.

Landing Pages: Landing page quality can have a significant impact on your conversions. That is why we will work with you in developing and testing landing pages that will increase conversions.

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